Trucks & Portables Trucks for Portable Restroom & Septics from Oakley Vac in Waubaushene, ON


Vacuum Tank trucks for the septic and portable restroom industries from Oakley Vac in WaubausheneOakley Vac offers trucks for the portable restroom and the septic industry, Oakley Vac can build a turnkey truck on your chassis or a new chassis of your choice. Trucks are designed for driver efficiency and comfort, lower cost of operation and increased dependability.

Oakley Vac offers multiple options for all major truck components including the vacuum tank, inlet and outlet valves, high or low pressure water, heated valves, hot water boilers, vacuum size and power options. From lift gates for portable potty transportation to full tilting tank and door it is available through Oakley Vac.


greenvac1.pngPowerful portable lightweight vac units






NEW! Oakley Vac offers powerful portable lightweight units designed to pick up material into a 45 gallon barrel that can be transported out of remote sites. This allows access into remote area’s that aren’t accessible by full sized equipment, call for details.

Portable Vacuum Systems


Oakley Vac also offer skid and trailer mounted vacuum units with or without water wash-downs.

These units use Jurop, Fruitland, Hibon, Conde and GAST vacuum pumps. They are available in Electric, Gas, Hydraulic or Diesel power.

These units are designed to be portable, for easy transportation by Forklift, crane or pick up.